The world around you is not what it seems. The Resistance needs your help. Our freedom is at stake. It’s time to move.

Agent, welcome aboard the Resistance! Through teamwork and communication, we dominate regions and prevent the Enlightened from controlling us. We need to defend and protect what is left of humanity.

Thank you for choosing the Resistance and keeping our freedom alive.

Viva la Resistance!

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We are the Greater Toronto Area - Ingress Resistance. We have players scattered around each region to claim back what is ours.

We have recently been rebranded to finally include the Greater Toronto Area. We have many strong veterans and agents in areas that have extended the border of Toronto. We have known this community for so long as the Toronto Resistance community, but we have definitely blossomed to much more!

The Public Greater Toronto Area - Ingress Resistance Community is open to all players in Toronto, whether you’re new or experienced with the game. You will have to join the public community prior to joining the private community.

The Greater Toronto Area - Ingress Resistance’s private community requires players to be at least Level 3 in order to join. The Level 3 requirement protects your privacy in a game with a lot of personal location data. Are you ready to apply?

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If you’re a Level 1 GTA Ingress Player, please join the Public Greater Toronto Area - Ingress Resistance Community. This community is meant to provide resources for players and to simplify their entry into the Private Community.

If you’re at least a Level 3 Toronto Resistance Ingress Player, please go to the Public Greater Toronto Area - Ingress Resistance Community and please follow the procedure below:

  1. When posting, select the To: "Access the Private Group" category, attach a screenshot of your scanner/game from your phone with your agent name, level and agent stats (viewed in OPS > AGENT Tab).
  2. Request invite from the private community here by clicking "Ask to join" to proceed with the application.

Sit back and relax! We will be with you shortly.

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Not from Toronto? Here are several local communities in Ontario! If you would like to access the global community list, please visit the Ingress Directory!

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Here are some common answers to questions asked! If you have any other ones, please feel free to check with your local community!

Not an Ingress Player yet?
Please go to Google Play and get the Ingress app and register your Agent name and enroll with the Resistance! If you know anyone in the game, invites could be sent from current players as well.

If you received an invite, please follow the instructions to download the game and register your own agent name. You can also download and install the game ahead of time on the Google Play Store.

Agent Name confirmed, game on.
What now? The first few steps are definitely to follow the in-game tutorials. It provides a lot of information about the core gameplay and the actions that you will need know to play this game. All other knowledge can be gained while in the field, playing with other agents or even the public/private communities.

Agent, the Resistance needs your help.
Our freedom is at stake.
It’s time to move!

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